How it Works:

1. We are the experts at finding listed and unlisted homes that match our buyers criteria. Simply tell us what you are looking for and we will find it. We will invest the money and the time to make it happen. 

2. We will invest our marketing dollars to specifically target market the neighborhoods you are interested in, to find you the perfect home. 

3. When we find a homeowner who may consider a sale (but not yet on the market) we will inspect the home to ensure it matched your criteria.

4. If we feel the property is a match we will set up a private viewing for you, and if you love it, and decide to make an offer,we would negotiate on you best behlaf.

5. Once the offer on your new home is accepted, we can help you sell your existing home. 


Fill out the form on this page or Call me at 386-898-0700 to learn more about this program

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